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From the support of our customers, Las Misiones promotes the local development generating growth, progress and industrial innovation in the area. Las Misiones stimulates the generation of jobs and application of social programs which final aim is the enhancement of life quality for the workers and contractors, their families and the resident communities.

Under this aim, Las Misiones:

  • Complies with local, national and international legislation applicable ensuring compliance of the labor laws, freedom of association and the effective recognition of the results of work collective negotiations.
  • Respects the overall human rights, eliminating all forms of forced labor, ensuring the total abolition of child labor and eliminate all types of discrimination in employment.
  • Trains their resources about issues related to safety and environment.

More than 60% of Las Misiones employees live within 100 kilometers radius of the properties and have formal jobs and agreements that guarantee a fair salary and total payment of the social securities that the respective legislation states. Las Misiones is one of the greatest individual employers of local labor force.