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Las Misiones business is focused in obtaining high quality forestry products to be efficiently traded according to the customer’s needs and the environmental care.

The company establishes and manages pine plantations in the area described, these pines are species originated in the United States and Central America (Pinus taeda, Pinus elliottii and Pinus elliottii x Pinus caribaea) and, although they have been introduced by humans, they have many years of adaptation and are widely distributed and cultivated in Mesopotamia Argentina..

Plantations are harvested after 18-24 years of growth. After this, the arranging of waste is carried out to prepare the land to start again the plantation process. The current average age of Lass Misiones plantations is 6 years.

The inflow of water that makes the provision for plantations possible is the rain. The roots get the water from the superficial soil, providing the water resources of the afforested area. The current extension of the plantations does not alter the provision of water from the Iberá Pond and the flow of its tributaries.