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In a global context where the wood demand increases and where the substitutes offered cause impacts and complex wastes than the forestry activity, Las Misiones believes it is essential to have in their production a responsible management system from the environmental and social point of view and have a certification that supports it.

The forestry certification is a voluntary procedure that companies go through to guarantee that their processes comply with several ecological, social and business standards. Since 2014, Las Misiones S.A. is certified by the most demanding authority, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

FSC, based in Bonn, Germany, promotes the good forestry handling that generates environmental, social and economic benefits. The organization gives credit to the Certifying bodies that assess and monitor the performance of the companies and groups that apply the standards developed by this organization.

FSC Certification

The granted certification consists of a seal that guarantees that the company complies with all the standards established by the authority during a period of five years, during which there is an annual follow-up audit to keep that seal.

FSC certification not only compels the explicit adherence to the seal and its requirements but also the compliance of all and each of principles, criteria and indicators in force in case of Argentin.

Audits Process

Rainforest Alliance (RFA) is the certifying company of FSC® that audits Las Misiones.

The FSC Audits Process includes individual interviews with the interested parties and the community in general [NGO, government bodies, neighbors, customers, etc.] generally distributed in three categories: proposed by the audited entity, proposed by the auditing entity and others independent from both previous ones that manifest their interest in voluntarily participating. Said invitations to participate are sent by the auditing entity, with at least 30 days in advanced and published in several written or digital media in order to give the maximum possibilities to participate.

RFA auditors make spontaneous visits to the plantations in order to guarantee that operations and genuinely carried out.

For more information, please visit https://ic.fsc.org/; http://info.fsc.org/; http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/