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Las Misiones S.A. is a forestry company located in the center-west of the province of Corrientes, 160 km from Corrientes Capital city, in the Mesopotamia region of Argentina. The fields are located near Ruta Provincial No.118, in San Miguel Department.

The forestry project began in 2009 with the establishment of pines under a scheme for production of high quality wood. Las Misiones has 32,579 hectares of which 14,100 are suitable for plantation (which represents 42,9%). The remaining percentage of the land is defined as protected areas, native hills in different states of preservation, wetlands, ponds, grasslands and buffer strips. It is Las Misiones’s commitment to ensure the ecological compatibility of its plantations with the environment, reason why the company promotes a balanced management of the property leaving representative parts of the ecosystems that coexist in the field.

Las Misiones acquired all its properties during 2008 and in August 2009, the Provincial Decree 1440 was enacted, which physically delimits the Iberá area and also includes the restrictions for the productive activities in the area. As of this law, all company’s operations are framed within this legislation. Regarding plantations previous to 2009, Las Misiones is working in an adjustment plan that was issued and approved before ICAA (Water and Environment Institution of Corrientes) authorities.